Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Product Review: Ryders Solace

Chumley modeling the Solace

Don't let the good looks fool you.  The very fashionably-styled Ryders Solace is not just another pretty face.  For the last couple of weeks they have been my go-to glasses for daily wear, but when I recently took them out for a long run, they brought their A-game. 

The Ryders Solace falls into the company's Casual/Sport Hybrid category, and I clearly understand why.  It boasts a great-looking frame that makes a more designer than athlete statement when you are out and about town.  I have the tortoise frame with a brown lens which is a great compliment to my summer wardrobe.   Sexy, right?

For me, however, the real test of whether eyewear becomes a 'favorite' or not, is how versatile it is.   To be honest, I figured my running regime would prove too much for this fashionista, and fully expected them to take up permanent residence in my car or purse. 
But much to my surprise, during my first run with them, they:
  1. stayed firmly in place - a big deal since I have a narrow face and tend to get the dreaded 'bounce' with many makes.  They are light, and I did not notice any movement at all. 
  2. had awesome coverage - I have a long north/south route and get a lot of sun reflecting in the sides when the the glasses don't 'wrap' well.  The Solace protected me from the side-glare.   
  3. never fogged up - when I get a good, snug fit with great coverage, the by-product is typically 'foggage'.  I never had to pull the Solace down my nose to clear the lens. 
I felt like I had just been on a date with a super-hot guy and discovered he is also a reputable pediatrician. 

Since I have long hair, a minor but very much appreciated feature is the bridge design.  You can see in the above picture that the bridge has flush rubber pads that keep them in place but do not cause a gnarly tangle when you put them on top of your head  (definitely not cool when you have to recruit friends and strangers to remove sunglasses from your hair).

So.  Bottom Line.  Cost.  This might just be my favorite feature of all. 
This incredibly versitle performance eyewear retails for just $39.99.   Crazy, I know.  Considering most of my sporty friends have a pair of high-end sunglasses for every possible occasion, I am feeling fairly smug about now.  With Ryders you don't need to shell out the equivalent of a car payment for a wardrobe of great eye protection.

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